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The platform that changes what a car can be.

What is Moco

When the in-car experience goes from just driving to actually making life easier, Moco is behind it. It’s the reason your sound system can be personalized, your watch can interact with your dashcam and your child's gaming experience can be integrated with your car's ambient lighting.


Today there are 1.4 billion cars on the road, the Moco platform can power them all, redefining the human-car interaction.

Moco is open to everyone: developers, car engineers, car makers and OEM suppliers. That means more people can experiment, imagine and create things the automotive industry has never seen before. 

Moco provides a canvas for creativity, allowing experimentation with the vehicle's digital twin, exposing the software defined vehicle to the world.

Join the Playground

We invite all mobility creatives and application developers to join our Moco Playground. On the playground you can experience how easy it is to develop in-vehicle applications with Moco. The playground provides you easy access to a cloud-based simulator, allowing you to start developing your services right away with your favorite development tools. No time wasted on learning vehicle-specific protocols and configurations!

Partners Ecosystem

Write your apps for an amazing in-car experience with car-specific data and functionalities available at will, use car-specific functionalities in your apps in a standardized and secured way and create endless possibilities for new, connected, and smart car services.

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