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Playground Documentation

This page contains the documentation for the Moco Playground. If you do not have an account for the Playground yet, you can no longer sign up .


We provide Moco Playground for developers of mobility-related solutions. Through the playground, you can get access to real vehicle signals in an easy to use format. The Moco Playground provides you with a Simulator which replays vehicle recordings (Data Sets) that are converted into VSS (Vehicle Signal Specification). You connect your application to the Simulator over the internet and can develop and test innovative automotive services immediately.

Download the sample code

We provide you with sample code. To run it, ensure at least Python version 3.8.10 is installed on the PC. Any operating system can be used to create the client application, installation instructions for the applicable operating system can be found here.

Set up your IDE

The Simulator is exposed as a server and can be accessed via an IP:port combination. There is no requirement for any specific application on the client side, but we recommend that you install and IDE like VSCode, IntelliJ or Eclipse. In our examples and tutorials we use VSCode.

Check the settings of your Simulator

Log in to the Moco Playground with the credentials that have been sent to you vial email. You will see that the Simulator has a Port assigned to it. Note this port number, you will need it to configure your application. Each simulator has its own port number, which does not change as long as the Simulator exists.

​Configure the Sample code

In the Python sample code, find this code:

if len(sys.argv) >= 2:

    TCP_HOST= sys.argv[1]


    TCP_HOST = ''

if len(sys.argv) >= 3:

    tcp_port_str = sys.argv[2]

    TCP_PORT = int(tcp_port_str)


    TCP_PORT = 55001

and change the value for TCP_PORT in the last line to the value of the port your Simulator uses. 

Start your Simulator

in the Moco Playground, navigate to your Simulator in your Project and click on "Start" under "Actions". This will start the Simulator.



Start the Sample Application

In your IDE, run the Application. It will connect to the Simulator on the Playground, send a request for signals and receive the requested data as it is recorded in the Dataset attached to the Simulator. 
The Application will output <>

Congratulations! You have set up your access to the Playground!

Stop the Simulator

Please stop the simulator after completing your tests.

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